Superior Technology and Quality

The sophisticated and reliable technology of FREELAXX Floating Baths guarantees the highest hygienic standards. The salt brine is automatically drained, processed and sterilized after each use and the bath shell is disinfected. The brine supercedes regulatory requirements and the technology complies with both national and international standards. The technology and salt brine have been tested for over 15 years in medical applications and have proven to be safe and efficacious. The consumption of energy, salt and water is efficiently processed to be environmentally conscious. The initial mixture of salt brine contains 1,500 liters and is sufficient for more than 400 floating sessions.

The FREELAXX underwater acoustic system is a unique highlight offering the ultimate spa experience. Customers can listen to soothing music, mental relaxation exercises or educational concepts for deep relaxation.

The following link provides technical specifications of FREELAXX Floating Baths.