An ancient luxury rediscovered.

FREELAXX FLOATING® recreates the ancient floating experience enjoyed by Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba. The ancient practice is now offered in a modern era desperate for complete relaxation. Floating nurtures the body, mind and soul. Only the purest salt solution is used, nourishing the entire body with the healing powers of the Dead Sea. Floating tanks have been prevalent in European spas for years. Today, Salt-of-Life Technology GMBH brings a new kind of flotation experience to world-renowned spas across the globe. FREELAXX FLOATING® Baths offer open, spacious designs in contrast to the constrictive floating tanks of yester-year. The specially-developed FREELAXX underwater

acoustic system provides soothing music and mental relaxation exercises to fulfil deep relaxation and enjoyment. The FREELAXX FLOATING® Bath’s elaborate design can be custom-integrated into existing spa and wellness centers. The luxurious allure and German-built quality of the FREELAXX FLOATING® Bath is sure to enrich your spa’s ambiance. Floating opens a new dimension of creativity and redefines total relaxation for your most discerning customers.