How should one prepare for Freelaxx®Floating?

There is very little preparation necessary. However, the desired relaxation appears faster if one refrains from caffeinated beverages and heavy meals the day of Freelaxx®Floating.

Is one in danger of drowning by falling asleep while floating?

No, because the strong buoyancy prevents your body from sinking whether awake or asleep.

How long should one float with Freelaxx®Floating?

This depends on the individual’s need for relaxation. Usually one hour is sufficient to receive the relaxing benefits equal to several hours of sleep.

Does the prolonged stay in concentrated salt water damage the skin?

No, on the contrary, the special Salt-of-Life Technology salt solution moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Is Freelaxx®Floating suitable for everybody?

Yes, Freelaxx®Floating is beneficial to most people! Although, we do not recommend floating for individuals that have open wounds or are under the influence of medications that cause drowsiness, alcohol or illegal drugs. Individuals with herniated discs, thyroid conditions or epilepsy should consult a physician before floating.

Is Freelaxx®Floating also suitable for elderly people?

Yes, Freelaxx®Floating is ideal for individuals of all ages and can be very beneficial to those experiencing joint pain.

Should pregnant women use Freelaxx®Floating installations?

Freelaxx®Floating is safe and highly recommended for pregnant women due to the additional strain on joints and muscles during pregnancy.

Should a woman refrain from Freelaxx®Floating during her menstrual cycle?

Not at all, if a tampon is used.

Can Freelaxx®Floating be used by people who suffer from claustrophobia?

The Freelaxx®Floating installation is spacious and completely open and does not cause anxiety or claustrophobia.

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