The Power of Dead Sea Salt

The idea of relaxed floating in salt brine is nothing new. Since the development of isolation tanks in the 1950s by John C. Lilly, M.D., many people have tried to develop the perfect floating salt brine. These formulations were limited to conventional salts. These salts generate the well-known floating effect of the Dead Sea but lack all the valuable minerals and elements naturally found in Dead Sea salt. FREELAXX Floating Baths only use nourishing Dead Sea salt brine. The skin remains pliant and hydrated.

Dead Sea salt is known for its natural healing properties and is used to hydrate and soften chronic, dry skin.

Dead Sea salt is rich in magnesium and has a

soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and muscles. Persons suffering from chronic dry skin conditions and arthritis have been seeking relief from Dead Sea salt therapy since the beginning of time. The Dead Sea salt therapy is one of the oldest known medicinal treatments known. This therapy is still being offered today by a state-of-the-art Salt-of-Life Technology medical company.

In FREELAXX Floating Baths, the body and mind relax in equal harmony.