Discovering the Benefits of Floating

The development of the flotation tank goes back to the 1950s, when the American Neurophysiologist, Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D., was looking for a way to free the human brain from as many external stimuli as possible so he could measure the brain’s own inherent activity. For this purpose, he designed a darkened tank that was filled with a concentrated salt solution. While he was weightlessly floating in the salt solution at body temperature, he made a sensational discovery: spending two hours awake in the tank had the same recuperative effort as eight hours of sleep, while also stimulating creative potential.

The engineers at Salt-of-Life Technology GMBH have developed ground- breaking floating

technology. Salt-of-Life Technology has devoted 15 years of extensive research to devise a technically and hygienically superior way of handling salt solution at different concentrations for medical applications. These results have been applied to enhance the effectiveness of the flotation bath. FREELAXX® Floating Baths, the optimized result of this research, provides a sustained, invigorating effect on the body, soul and spirit, releasing an unimagined sense of well-being.


There is no better modern way to relax than with FREELAXX® Floating.